VYSA Background Checks

Regarding the Approval for Expanding the KidSafe Program

At the VYSA AGM on June 15th, 2002 VYSA members voted to approve background checks be conducted on coaches and volunteers as part of the KidSafe program.

The cost for the first year of this program (the 2002-2003 seasonal year) was paid per player to VYSA.  The background checks are good for two years.  Those who have not been checked previously through this program will be required to have background checks every 2 years.  The cost for each person submitted for background check for the current season (2003-2003) will be at no charge.  The fee collected last year will cover the cost for both the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 seasonal years. 

This  program is mandatory for all members of VYSA and exemptions may be applied for only if an equivalent background check is currently being performed.  Email vysa@vysa.com if you believe this applies or for any questions concerning the program.

The procedures are as follows:

1.         All searches will be done over the Internet and responses are instantaneous.  The vendor is RapSheets.com. 

2.         All clubs will be provided a personal User ID and personal Password to access the secure site.

3.        Club KidSafe coordinators will gather the data for input into the website using the existing KidSafe form located on the VYSA web site at www.vysa.com under Administration then Insurance/Risk Management.

4.         KidSafe coordinators should print the background check result and maintain it in their office in a secure location.  No one but the KidSafe coordinator and KidSafe committee should be privy to this information.  Background checks are NOT to be mailed to the VYSA office. 

5.         Should a background check produce a hit that would be of concern, this should be discussed with Doug Strobel, VYSA Risk Management Committee Chair.  He may be contacted at Strobel5@comcast.net.  It is not possible to create specific scenarios of whether a hit is one that should prevent a volunteer from participating or not since this is all very gray.  However, the statement on the KidSafe form speaks for itself such that "pending arrest or closed arrest is not an automatic bar to consideration of the application but it is the intent of VYSA or any of its members to deny a position to any person who has been convicted of sexual abuse, physical abuse or exploitation of any minor."  In addition, the background check may turn up a situation that would make a Club  uncomfortable with other situations, i.e., a DUI for someone who regularly transports children or a grand larceny conviction of someone who regularly handles money.

6.         Clubs that have recreational and travel teams will perform background checks for those involved in both the recreational and travel programs even though the travel teams will pay for the background checks through their appropriate league.  Travel only clubs will perform their own background checks and pay through their league. 

7.         Those persons that should have background checks performed on them is no different now than previously done with just the KidSafe form.  The current KidSafe program states that coaches, assistant coaches, travel team managers, paid coaches/trainers, members of boards of directors (including committee members) are "volunteers" under the KidSafe program. Anyone else that may be alone with kids would have been subject to completing a KidSafe form and would be subject to a background check. We exclude parents that run car pools and rec team moms and/or dads and the like, but would include, possibly, a regularly designated parent(s) that a team may have to stay with kids if a coach has to leave practice.

8.         We anticipate that repeating the background check procedure will be once every two (2) years (at which point another $2 charge will take place).

Procedures for Background Checks Through Rapsheets.com

1. Collect data using existing KidSafe forms or, for those persons new to your program, fill out a new KidSafe form. The form is on the VYSA web site under the Administration tab then Insurance/Risk Management.

2. Go to http://volunteer.rapsheets.com/

3.  Enter your User ID and Password.

6. This will bring up the home screen  (this is the program that VYSA has worked out with Rapsheets to give the most extensive information available). 

                   a. Input the persons first name in the "First Name" box.  

Please Note:  Be sure the person used their "official" first name.  For example, someone filling out the form may put in "Peggy" while their real first name is "Margaret".  If you suspect the name is a nickname, contact the person and ask.

b. Input the persons last name in the "Last Name" box.

c. Input the persons date of birth as indicated in the "Date of Birth" box.

d. Enter the League ID provided to you when you received your password

e. Click "View Possible Name Matches."

7. Your search will come back immediately. Print it.

8. If, by chance, there is more than one hit based on the name and date of birth, you will see a description of the person. Usually you can tell who it is by reading the description (i.e., white/female). If the person whom you are searching isnt listed, by default, that person has no criminal record. Simply note this on your KidSafe form.

9. Click on "Click Here" to perform more searches.

10. Continue inputting

11. Keep all KidSafe forms and background checks in a locked, secure file. It is only for the eyes of the person designated by the club as KidSafe Coordinator.

12. If you receive a "hit" and are concerned about this person, please e-mail Doug Strobel at Strobel5@comcast.net with your name and telephone number. You will be contacted t discuss the situation.

13. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the VYSA State Office at Lisa@vysa.com.

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