April 2006 Minutes

PLEASE NOTE: This VYSA mailing is being sent to each members' Chief Executive Officer presently on file at the State Office unless another individual has been designated to the State Administrator, Julie Caramanica. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL RECEIVING THIS MAILING TO DISTRIBUTE TO ALL APPROPRIATE OFFICIALS OF THEIR CLUB OR LEAGUE.


April 26, 2006

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, Inc., was called to order by President Denise Edwards at the Sheraton Richmond West at 7:07 pm. Board members present were:

Denise Edwards President
Ray Greenberg Vice President
Roger Underhill Secretary
Jim Bonfils Treasurer
Tom Gross DC Recreational Commissioner
Ron Bedwell Central Recreational Commissioner
Ken Halloway Southeast Recreational Commissioner
John Singleton West Recreational and Travel Commissioner
Debi Honaker Boys North Travel Commissioner
Monica Hall Boys Central Travel Commissioner
Anne Thompson Girls North Travel Commissioner

Board Member Bob Maynes was excused. Also present were Julie Caramanica (VYSA Administrator), Gordon Miller (VYSA State Technical Director), Scott Meyer (State Referee Administrator), and Peggy Borgard (VYSA Regional Registrar).

A motion was made and seconded to approve the March 15, 2006, Board meeting minutes. The motion was approved.

The Treasurers Report (Attachment A) was distributed. Jim Bonfils reported that Spring registrations are coming in at near the budgeted amount. Touchline is complete for the year; Coaching Education is still active. A clarification of the funds from Region I as Host Committee from the report given last meeting was given. VYSA gained income from that event; the entry appeared in the 2004-2005 Financial Report, not this current years records.

The State Administrators Report (Attachment B) was distributed. State Administrator Julie Caramanica reported that she has contacted all clubs and leagues that have not yet paid Spring registration fees that were due on April 15, 2006.

The July Board meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 16th, at 12:00 noon. Both the Wednesday and the Sunday dates in August are being reserved until after a determination is made about potential traffic problems after the July meeting.

After considering the cost to the attendees and the available facility space, a decision has been made to hold the next VYSA Workshop in Richmond on February 9-10, 2007. Efforts will be made to increase the number of attendees.

Julie noted that clubs which provide their own insurance and have submitted their insurance certificates to VYSA are entitled to a $1/player rebate. However, the club must summit their proof of insurance and request the rebate before August 31st of the current year or the rebate will not be given.

Julie reported that an individual from a league made up of several recreational clubs contacted the office regarding insurance. The individual is not a member of any VYSA member club Board of Directors, but is a member of the Board of Directors of the league that these clubs have formed to play advanced rec. The Board agreed that this individual was not covered under VYSA Directors and Officers Insurance because he was not a member of any VYSA club. It was suggested that this individual be placed on one of the member clubs Boards in some way before he can be included in the Directors and Officers Insurance.

Swift Creek Soccer Club did not register any players with VYSA in 2004-2005, but has recently sent in player registrations for the Spring of 2005. Julie asked that VYSA allow this club to remain a member even though they had no registrations for the prior year. A motion was made to allow Swift Creek Soccer Club to remain members and accept their player registration fees for the 2006-2006 seasonal year. The motion was seconded and approved.

US Youth Soccer is now offering banners to State Association at reduced prices that can include the US Youth Soccer logo, as well as the logo of State Associations. The regular banners are reasonably priced, but require a four-banner minimum purchase. The A-Frame banners are a great deal more expensive, but can be purchased one at a time. Julie explained that VYSA did not need four banners and would prefer the A-Frame banner. She asked Board members which to order. It was agreed that four banners be purchased rather than the A-Frame in order to spend a more acceptable amount.

Julie reported that a very complimentary note was received from a person who had worked with John Spiotta at Bollinger Insurance. John was very helpful in resolving some insurance issues to ensure that a players surgery and hospitalization were fully covered by insurance. A letter will be sent to John Spiotta in thanks for his extra effort in assisting this players family.

Gordon Miller, VYSA Technical Director, reported that the ODP international trips were a great success. The 90 and 92 Girls went to France and the 90 and 92 Boys went to Germany. All the players saw a first division Bundesligia match at one of the World Cup venues. One highlight of the trip was that three of the 92 girls were able to play with a German womens team that was short of players. Also, both boys teams played against the top-rated Bayern Munich youth teams and got autographs and pictures of the teams. Both the girls and boys teams had quality games, did some sight-seeing, and experienced two different countries. It was a positive experience for the players.

Gordon thanked Denise Edwards for the role she played in arranging the trip. He also thanked Anne Thomson, Julie Caramanica, Janet Cate and Bob Maynes for their assistance.

The Board went into Executive Session to select Referees and Assessors for the Region I ODP Tournament and Region I Championships.

Ray Greenberg reported that he has reorganized and edited the previous Adjudication Manual, but has made no policy changes. He anticipates that clarifications and revisions will need to be made every season. Ray noted that the fee stated in the manual has not been changed, and will remain unchanged until the bylaw amendment is voted on at the AGM. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Adjudication Manual. The motion was passed. Ray was thanked for a job well done.

Ray Greenberg asked the Board to approve three changes to the Finance Policy Manual.

1) A motion was made and seconded to adjust the reimbursement limit for travel to special events with prior approval. The motion passed.

2) A motion was made and seconded to change the ODP scholarship policy. The change would raise the combined annual family income level for a scholarship to $50,000; and allow extenuating circumstances to be considered. Also, if scholarship money is provided by an outside source, that sources criteria will be used for determining eligibility for the scholarship. The motion was passed.

3) A motion was made and seconded to include the VYSA Vice-President as a VYSA credit card holder. The motion passed.

Ray Greenberg reported that the Finance Committee spent two days reviewing the budget, line by line. He highlighted the changes, noting the following:

1) The salaries of some of the State Office staff were significantly increased because they have not been receiving fair and adequate compensation.
2) Estimated registration income was increased
3) $5,000 was budgeted for Special Committees
4) Interest income was increased significantly

Also noted, two new staff positions, Director of Coaching Education and Director of Marketing, were created at the retreat. Those salaries will be funded from the contingency fund and not from the operating budget for this year. Job descriptions will be created before these positions are filled. It was asked that VYSA clubs and leagues contact President Denise Edwards, Technical Director Gordon Miller, or Julie Caramanica at the State Office with ideas for what they would like to see these individuals do for their organizations.

Ray noted that our organization is financially healthy, with $1.2 million in cash investments and almost $600,000 more in the contingency fund. A motion was made and seconded to approve the budget to be presented to the membership for approval at the AGM. The motion passed.

Ray thanked all those involved for their work in completing the proposed budget.

Ray reported that an Adjudication Committee hearing is scheduled for May 4th for a referee abuse case from Chesapeake Select Soccer Club.

A request was made to waive the fee for five visiting Ethiopian physical education teachers to take a D license course in Washington, DC, this summer. There are 10 teachers attending from Ethiopia; DC Stoddert will pay for the other five teachers. A motion was made and seconded to waive the fees for five of the Ethiopian coaches to attend a scheduled D course at the Jelleff Boys and Girls Club. The motion was approved.

Roger Underhill distributed the new Travel Team Registration Policy Manual for review. It will be voted on at the next Board meeting.

Some Board members and committee chairs have indicated a desire for VYSA business cards. Roger Underhill reported his concern about the use of the VYSA logo when used outside the Board. It was agreed that the Board will need a proper use policy, as care must be taken in allowing the use of business cards. A motion was made and seconded that VYSA Board officers and committee chairs who need business cards are authorized to receive them and use them for VYSA purposes. It was suggested that, except for officers and some office staff, cards only be given in increments of 25. The motion was approved.

Denise Edwards reminded the Retreat committees to begin their work.

Anne Thompson reported that the Special Programs Committee met once to discuss the Touchline and has another meeting scheduled. They will report to the membership at the AGM. The Bylaws committee is meeting this Sunday.

Anne Thompson reported that she is looking for volunteers for the seeding committee. She would like to have the committee be as fair and representative as possible. Information is on the VYSA website.

Debi Honaker was recommended to chair the Nominating Committee. The Board agreed to appoint her as chair.

Denise Edwards announced that any revisions to the system need to be reported toYouth Leagues USA within the week.

Denise Edwards reported that the Trinidad Embassy has asked VYSA for assistance in setting up competitions for a girls private school soccer team which will be visiting the area. Gordon Miller will assist them.

Denise Edwards noted she will run for President again despite her recent health issues, as she is now feeling much better.

Ray Greenberg and Debi Honaker have been invited by the Positive Coaching Alliance to attend a press conference with US Congressman Mike McIntyre of North Carolina to kick off the Congressional Youth Sports Caucus.

Scott Meyer announced that the State Referee Committee meeting has been rescheduled to next Monday.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:27 pm.

Prepared by
Julie Caramanica
VYSA Administrator

Next Meeting is May 17, 2006, at 7:00 pm at the Sheraton West in Richmond.

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